At Orchestra On Call, we believe music is therapeutic. We want everyone to have access to the emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits that music can foster through its healing properties. To this end, our program brings music to those that may not easily be able to attend concerts at traditional music venues. We perform in various medical settings throughout the Texas Medical Center and Greater Houston Area so that patients, families, and caregivers can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of music when they are most needed. We also perform at nursing homes and retirement communities so that those that may be too frail to go out to the theater district or traditional music venues can still have the joy of music in their lives. Musical
 experiences with HOOC may relieve emotional and mental stress, help decrease anxiety, aid in expressing emotions, facilitate nostalgic melodies that serve to calm and soothe, and help to improve communication. 

As a result, HOOC offers its members a purposeful way of sharing their musical talent with the community as well as providing them with an enriching outlet for artistic and emotional expression through the healing art of music. 

Houston's Orchestra On Call is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. As such, all donations are tax deductible as prescribed by law.